Land Acknowledgement – The University of Akron

University of Akron Land Acknowledgement

The University of Akron is located on lands that have been home to many diverse nations, including the Ohio Seneca and Cayuga, the Lenni Lenape (Delaware), the Miami, the Shawnee, the Wyandot (Wendat), the Ottawa (Odawa) and the Ojibwe Nations. These lands were ceded in the 1805 Treaty of Fort Industry and the forced removal of tribes through the Indian Removal Act of 1830. The University of Akron pays respect to the land and lives of Indigenous Nations past and present, and is committed to a process of continual learning, reflection and reconciliation. 

About the Land Acknowledgement 

A land acknowledgement is a statement of respect for Indigenous lands and a recognition of colonial occupation of those lands. It is likewise a reflection of our continuing process of learning about the heritage and contemporary cultures of Indigenous Peoples.  

The land acknowledgement was researched and written by staff at the Cummings Center. The original research was reviewed by members of The University of Akron Arts and Culture Council and Portage Path Collaborative.

How to Use the Land Acknowledgement 

The land acknowledgement of The University of Akron is a public statement of our institutional commitment to reconciliation.

There are several ways in which the land acknowledgement can be put into action, including: 


We encourage our community to learn more about the histories and cultures of Indigenous Peoples, especially the nations connected to the land on which you reside, work or attend school. Many books, films and podcasts, written and created by Indigenous Peoples, are available through The University of Akron’s library collection. The University of Akron also holds the Oak Native American Ethnographic Collection which is on permanent public display in the Oak Native American Gallery at the Institute for Human Science and Culture.  


Individuals also may also choose to participate in events throughout the year, including North American First People’s Day, Orange Shirt Day and Native American Heritage Month. 

The University’s Commitment Moving Forward

The University of Akron is committed to learning. Our land acknowledgement reflects our current knowledge and understanding of the heritage of the lands on which our campus is located. It is a dynamic statement in that it will change as we continue to learn and to grow.