Beyond the Picket Fence: The Places & Spaces We Call Home

Opened February 3, 2023. On display now through June 22, 2024.

National Museum of Psychology

“Home” is something we all know the meaning of – until we try to put it into words. Is home your house, your town, or your community? Is it defined by a physical location, by a feeling, or by the people around you? Can a person find a sense of home in the face of displacement, incarceration, institutionalization, or disaster? Can someone be unhoused, and still have a place they call home?

Beyond the Picket Fence: The Places & Spaces We Call Home explores the concept of home in all its definitions and asks us to consider the variety of elements that let us know when we have found home. From Lillian Gilbreth’s analysis of what makes a home efficient to David Boder’s interviews with people displaced from home, the exhibit brings together artifacts from the collections of the Archives of the History of American Psychology and the Institute for Human Science and Culture. Beyond the Picket Fence was researched and curated by volunteer intern, Kellyn Toombs.

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Duration: Approximately 45 Minutes
Recommended Group Size: 10 - 15 Visitors

Have you ever stopped to think about how you define “home”? Has that definition stayed the same over time, or has it changed depending on your circumstances? Do you think others share your definition? Unpack the many meanings of “home” during this guided tour of the Beyond the Picket Fence exhibit. Topic highlights include the aesthetics of “home,” houselessness, displacement, institutionalization, and homesickness.

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Beyond the Picket Fence LibGuide

Developed in collaboration with The University of Akron Libraries, this LibGuide compliments Beyond the Picket Fence with additional readings and archival resources that correspond to each section in the exhibit. Explore the concept of home from the comfort of your own home with this free resource.

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