The 42nd Ohio Volunteer Battalion

The organization of this Regiment was completed in November, 1861, and in December it took the field under James A. Garfield. The following fall it served for a time on the Kanawha, in Western Virginia. December found it part of Sherman's army in the unsuccessful attack on the Bluffs at Vicksburg, and immediately afterwards it participated in the capture of Arkansas Post. It fought gallantly in the various battles incident to the campaign resulting in the surrender of Vicksburg, and afterwards was ordered to New Orleans. This Regiment had 1 officer and 20 men killed, and, 18 officers and 325 men wounded. It was mustered out in the winter of 1864, excepting about 100 men who were assigned to the 96th Ohio.  (From 42nd Ohio Infantry, Larry Stevens.)

Volunteer infantry regiments were composed of ten companies each authorized a maximum of 101 officers and men. With staff included, a full regiment would have numbered about 1,025 officers and men.  As the war went on and casualties reduced the strength of units, Regiments  sometimes had as few as 200 men, and companies with 30 or fewer men were not uncommon. (From The Battle Of Cedar Creek, Joseph W. A. Whitehorne, Center of Military History, United States Army)